We are Levi (Lévis) and Michelle Bisson. This site is the story of our journey to have a more sustainable lifestyle. We are wanting to apply permaculture techniques to help us not only be more sustainable but also to be more productive with the land that we have.

It began in the summer of 2012 when we purchased our 1.5 acre regrow forested suburban lot covered in native red maples, popular, white birch and hemlock trees.  It is located 35 minutes south of Quebec City, Quebec Canada.

Our journey will take many paths from building a more eco friendly hemp insulated passive house to planting lots of fruiting trees & shrubs, perennial edibles and small annual garden.  And maybe to even one day have small animals such as chickens, ducks or rabbits.  

We want to create a more sustainable homesteading lifestyle

We plan to self build a small 2 bedroom eco friendly timber frame and hemp insulated house with our own 2 hands.  One of our highest priorities will be to have very thick hemp insulated sealed walls to keep out the cold Canadian winters. We want our future house to be warm & cosy in the winter with a low electrical heat bill & with a reduce amount of firewood use. In Quebec, electricity is our primary source of heat with wood stoves complimenting it.