91 Sea Buckthorn planted

After exhausting work, 91 Sea Buckthorn (seaberry) plants are planted.

We purchase 124 plants last fall.  Since we were not able to plant them then. we piled wood chips around the pots to buffer the cold winter.
Phase 1: The only location that is full sun on our property is the 30 feet strip along the front of the property.  This spring, we decided to plant them hedgerow style with 3 feet apart and 9 feet rows since we have a small area to work with.
Also, we decided to use them as a hedge as part of the southwest side and north west side of our property as well as have a small plantation in this corner of the land.  Over time, we will plant small herbaceous edible perrenial plants around our sea buckthorn since we do not have a lot of space to plant larger plants, ex. lots of strawberries and who knows what. We have not got that far....
Our north west section of the land was quite low.  Before we ever thought about sea buckthorns, we has built 2 hugelculture beds in this section.  So we had to dismantle these beds built with heavy logs and then rebuild them with these logs and tons more found in the forest and add layers of dirt and woodchips. So now hugelculture terraces follows the slope of the land. We effectuately raise the land 2 feet.  We know that this will sink with time as the logs decay underneath but we plan add more dirt and woodchips over time.. 
We not have any mechanical equipment only shovels & a wheel barrel and Levi to shovel, and to cut and haul the logs.  I had the task of planting and covering with wood chips and clover to protect from the hot drying sun.  This has taken us 3 months every weekend. 
We do not have truckloads of dirt, just a pile on the other side of the property.  There are weakness with our hugel culture terrace approach such as one side of exposed logs, but we we hope over time to find a solution to this. 

Phase 2: Planting the rest of the sea buckthorns hedgerow cannot be done until our driveway gets moved as it is not in the right location.  We will then continue our hedgerow following the road in front of our property.   One day we will have a beautiful sea buckthorn hedge and plantation on our suburban lot and lots of berries to eat, trade, propagate and sell.