Layered Blueberry Plant

Last fall I took a low lying flexible branch from my blueberry bush and simple layered it.

I put a rock on the branch to hold it down so that the branch was touching the soil with a bit of extra soil around the branch. I scraped the underneath the branch by the node.

It is now 8 months later and the new plant is growing well.  I also have about 6 other simple layered branches trying to root from my 3 blueberry bushes.  I am hoping to turn 3 blueberry plants into 10 plants.

If the roots look strong this fall, I will sever the layered plants from the mother plants and transplant them. One thing I like about simple layering is that it is simple. It takes a few minutes to do this for each branch and then there is nothing to do for one year as long as there is adequate rain. It has almost 100% success rate at rooting depending on the plant.