Sea Buckthorn (Seaberry) Hedgerows

We are planting a Sea Buckthorn (Seaberry) hedgerow style plantation of 118 trees. 

Most of our young Sea Buckthorn plants will be planted along the southwest side and the northwest front of our property. We are planting them at three feet intervales along the property border.  As well we are planting 5 short rows also with three feet spacing along contour on the west side of our property with 9 feet between the rows.  We plan to keep them pruned to work with the spacing we have available.  This is the only space on our property that has complete full sun suitable for these plants. They do not thrive in unless they are in full sun.  This hedgerow will provide visual appeal from the road as well as provide a windbreak from the dominate northwest winds.

Since these plants are so closely planted we will likely only have room for mixed herbacious perrennial plants amongst our hedgerows.