Sea Buckthorn: Winter Protection

This fall, we purchase 124 Sea Buckthorn (Seaberry) plants: 

These are the cultivars & varieties we chose:

  • 45 Sunny - 2 year old females - Latvian
  • 45 Gold Rain - 2 year old females- Latvian
  • 10 Lords (male) - 3 year old males - Latvian
  • 2 Altai - 3 year old females- Russian
  • 2 Chuyskaya - 3 year old females - Russian
  • 20 Chuyskaya - 3 year old mixed unknown seedlings - Russian

We were not prepared to plant them in the ground this fall so we placed them in groups and put wood chips all around them to protect them during the winter.  

Our main concern is will the voles eat the young bark like candy and girdle all of our plants. Time will tell as we live too far away from our lot to check up on them till spring.